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Welcome to Boavizta API documentation

Boavizta earth

Try accessing the demo API or follow a a short tutorial to get started and retrieve impact data.

Read the explanations section to get information about the source of data, the details of the methodology and theoretical model.

Have a look at the reference section to get technical details about the routes and data formats of the API.

About Boavizta

Boavizta earth

Boavizta is a working group with a mission to make the environmental impact measurement of IT / digital technologies in organizations more reliable, easier and faster.

The group federates and connects stakeholders of the "IT / digital environmental impacts measurement" ecosystem (companies, associations, research - 100+ members) and facilitates peer-to-peer help.

It also organizes the co-construction of expert and updated resources under open / free licenses:

  • A methodology for the measurement of IT / digital environmental impacts
  • A data repository of environmental footprint of IT / digital equipments
  • An calculation engine to assess IT / digital environmental impacts (this API).

These "commons" cover digital infrastructures and services, and allow full life cycle / multi-criteria assessments.