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SSD are Disk objects of type SSD.


Name Unit Default value Description Example
units None 1 SSD quantity 2
usage None See Usage See usage ..
type None SSD "SSD" SSD
capacity Go 1000 Capacity of a ssd disk 500
density cm2/Go 48.5 cm2 per Go on a ssd wafer 48.5
manufacturer None None Name of the CPU manufacturer Samsung
model None None .. ..


The following variables can be completed


if manufacturer is given, density can be retrieved from a fuzzy matching on our ssd repository.

Manufacture impact

For one SSD the manufacture impact is:

\[ \text{SSD}_\text{manufacture}^\text{criteria} = (\text{SSD}_{\text{capacity}} / \text{SSD}_{\text{density}}) * \text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_die}^\text{criteria} + \text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_base}^\text{criteria} \]


Constant Units Value
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_die}^\text{gwp}\) kgCO2eq/cm2 2.20
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_die}^\text{adp}\) kgSbeq/cm2 6.30E-05
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_die}^\text{pe}\) MJ/cm2 27.30
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_base}^\text{gwp}\) kgCO2eq 6.34
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_base}^\text{adp}\) kgSbeq 5.63E-04
\(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture_base}^\text{pe}\) MJ 76.90

Note: If there are more than 1 SDD we multiply \(\text{SSD}_\text{manufacture}^\text{criteria}\) by the number of SSD given in units.

Usage impact

Only power consumption is implemented.