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Add a new server archetype

This guide will help you add a new server to the server archetypes. To learn more about server archetypes, please refer to the archetypes documentation.

Server archetypes CSV file

All available servers are stored in a CSV file named servers.csv located at boaviztapi/data/archetypes/servers.csv.

Column name Required Unit Description Example
id Required Server identifier platform_compute_medium
manufacturer Server manufacturer
case_type Required Server case type rack
CPU.units Required unit Number of CPU 2 1 CPU name
CPU.core_units unit Number of CPU cores per CPU 24
CPU.die_size_per_core mm² Die size per CPU core 8
CPU.vcpu unit Number of vCPU per CPU 32
RAM.units Required unit Number of RAM 1
RAM.capacity GB RAM quantity 1000
SSD.units Required unit Number of SSD 0
SSD.capacity GB SSD storage quantity 0
HDD.units Required unit Number of HDD 0
HDD.capacity GB HDD storage quantity 0
GPU.units Required unit GPU quantity (not supported yet) 0 GPU name
GPU.memory_capacity GB GPU memory capacity
POWER_SUPPLY.units Required unit Number of power supply2 2
POWER_SUPPLY.unit_weight Required kg Power supply weight2 2.99;1;5
USAGE.time_workload Required % Time workload 3 50;0;100
USAGE.use_time_ratio Required /1 Use time ratio4 1
USAGE.hours_life_time Required hours Hours life time 35040
USAGE.other_consumption_ratio Required /1 Other consumption ratio 0.33

Value ranges

Some values can be inputted using ranges like the following: default;min;max. For example, if the value is 4;2;8, it means that the default value is 4 and the range is from 2 to 8.

  1. If is set and the CPU is available in cpu_specs.csv, you do not need to fill in the other CPU attributes. The API will complete them based on the 

  2. (Usually power supply duplicated so POWER_SUPPLY.units = 2. Usually POWER_SUPPLY.unit_weight is unknown, in that case use a range such as 2.99;1;5) 

  3. (Should be a range between 0 and 100 (50;0;100) without valid justification) 

  4. (Should be 100% without valid justification so USAGE.use_time_ratio = 1)