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Power supply


Name Unit Default value Description Example
units None 1 power supply quantity 2
usage None See Usage See usage ..
unit_weight kg 2.99 weight of the power supply 5

Manufacture impact

For one power supply the manufacture impact is:

\[ \text{power_supply}_\text{manufacture}^\text{criteria} = \text{power_supply}_\text{unit_weight} * \text{power_supply}_ \text{manufacture_weight}^\text{criteria} \]

with :

Constant Unit Value
\(\text{power_supply}_\text{manufacture_weight}^\text{gwp}\) kgCO2eq/kg 24.30
\(\text{power_supply}_\text{manufacture_weight}^\text{adp}\) kgSbeq/kg 8.30E-03
\(\text{power_supply}_\text{manufacture_weight}^\text{pe}\) MJ/kg 352.00

Note: If there are more than 1 power we multiply \(\text{power_supply}_\text{manufacture}^\text{criteria}\) by the number of power supply given in units.

Usage impact

Only power consumption is implemented. This shouldn't be used in most cases since the electricity consume by a power supply is consume on behalf of other components.