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Impacts criteria

Here is the list of impact criteria implemented in the API.

GWP - Global warming potential

What : Global warming potential (GWP) is the heat absorbed by any greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, as a multiple of the heat that would be absorbed by the same mass of carbon dioxide (CO2). GWP is 1 for CO2. For other gases it depends on the gas and the time frame.

Source :

Unit : kgCO2e

PE - Primary energy

What : Primary energy (PE) is an energy form found in nature that has not been subjected to any human engineered conversion process. It is energy contained in raw fuels, and other forms of energy, including waste, received as input to a system. Primary energy can be non-renewable or renewable.

Source :

Unit : MJ

ADP - Abiotic Depletion Potential

What : Abiotic Depletion Potential (ADP) is an environmental impact indicator. This category corresponds to mineral and resources used and is, in this sense, mainly influenced by the rate of resources extracted. The effect of this consumption on their depletion is estimated according to their availability stock at a global scale. This impact category is divided into two components: a material component and a fossil fuels component (we use a version of ADP which include both).


Unit : KgSbeq