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Embedded impacts include the impacts occurring during raw material extraction, manufacture, transport and end of life phases.

Components impacts

Variable components impacts

The impacts of variable components are assessed from the component characteristics.


For now end of life is not taken into account.

Fixed components impacts

The impacts of fixed components are set by default


For now end of life is not taken into account.

Device & services impacts

The data and methods are specified for each device or service in their dedicated page.

Two strategies exist

1. Bottom-up approach

Embedded impacts are assessed at component level and aggregated at device level with a bottom-up approach.


In this case, end of life is not taken into account for now.

2. Fix impacts factors

If component impacts cannot be assessed, we use non-specific impacts factors at device level.


In this case, all the life cycle is taken into account including end of life.


Embedded impacts can be reported with several allocation strategies.

Over the lifecycle

When no specific duration is given, the total embedded impacts of the asset are given.

embedded_impacts = total_impact

Over a specific duration

When a duration is given as a query parameter, we allocate the embedded impacts linearly on this duration.

embedded_impacts = total_impacts * (duration/life_duration)


Boavizta server impacts measurement methodology