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Add a new cpu

This guide will help you add a new CPU into BoaviztAPI.

Cloud instances CSV file

All available cpus are stored in a CSV file named cpu_spec.csv located at boaviztapi/data/crowdsourcing/.

Column name Required Description Example
name Required CPU name AMD Ryzen 5 3600
code_name Equivalent to family Matisse
manufacturer CPU manufacturer AMD
generation Generation full name Ryzen 5 (Zen 2 (Matisse))
foundry Name of the foundry TSMC
release_date 2019-07-07
frequency (in GHz) 3.6 GHz
threads Required for cloud instances Number of thread 12
tdp Thermal design power (in watt) 65.0
cores Number of physically cores 6.0
transistors (in million) 3800
process_size process size of the main die area (in nm2) 7.0
die_size size of the main die area (in mm²) 74
io_die_size size of the I/O die area when relevant (in mm²) 124
io_process_size process size of the I/O die area (in nm2) 12
total_die_size Total size of the die (in mm²)1 198.0
total_die_size_source How did total_die_size has been calculated io_die_size (124 mm²) + die_size (74 mm²)
model_range Name of the cpu range or brand Ryzen 5
source Source of the above information

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  1. Either die_size or die_size + io_die_size when the chip has an I/O die area. Not all CPU have an I/O die area.