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Electrical impact factors

User declaration

Users can give their own impact factors.

Note : We recommend to use impact factors describing your national electricity mix. An impact factor constructed from a market-based approach should not be used.

Boavizta's impact factors

Users can use the average impact factors per country available in BoaviztAPI.

Impact factors will depend on the usage_location defined by the user. By default, the average european mix is used.

usage_location are given in a trigram format, according to the list of the available countries.

You can find bellow the data source and methodology used for each impact criteria.

GWP - Global warming potential factor

Source :

PE - Primary energy factor

Source :

PE impact factor are not available in open access. We use the consumption of fossil resources per kwh (APDf/kwh) per country and extrapolate this consumption to renewable energy :

PE/kwh = ADPf/kwh / (1-%RenewableEnergyInMix)

ADP - Abiotic Depletion Potential

Source :