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Name Unit Default value (default;min;max) Description Example
units None 1 RAM strip quantity 2
usage None See Usage See usage ..
capacity GB 32;1;128 Capacity of a ram strip 12
density GB/cm2 (avg;min;max) in our dataset Size of the die per Go of a ram strip 1.25
process nm None Engraving process (Architecture) 25
manufacturer None None Name of the ram manufacturer Samsung
model None None .. ..


The following variables can be completed


if process or/and manufacturer are given, density can be retrieved from a fuzzy matching on our ram repository. If several ram matches the given process or/and manufacturer the average value is given and min and max value are used as min and max fields.

Embedded impacts

Impacts criteria

Criteria Implemented Source
gwp yes Green Cloud Computing, 2021
adp yes Green Cloud Computing, 2021
pe yes Green Cloud Computing, 2021
gwppb no
gwppf no
gwpplu no
ir no
lu no
odp no
pm no
pocp no
wu no
mips no
adpe no
adpf no
ap no
ctue no
ctuh_c no
ctuh_nc no
epf no
epm no
ept no

Impact factors

For one RAM bank the embedded impacts are:

\[ \text{RAM}_\text{embedded}^\text{criteria} = (\text{RAM}_{\text{capacity}} / \text{RAM}_{\text{density}}) * \text{RAM}_\text{embedded_die}^\text{criteria} + \text{RAM}_\text{embedded_base}^\text{criteria} \]


Constant Units Value
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_die}^\text{gwp}\) kgCO2eq/cm2 2.20
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_die}^\text{adp}\) kgSbeq/cm2 6.30E-05
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_die}^\text{pe}\) MJ/cm2 27.30
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_base}^\text{gwp}\) kgCO2eq 5.22
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_base}^\text{adp}\) kgSbeq 1.69E-03
\(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded_base}^\text{pe}\) MJ 74.00


If there are more than 1 RAM bank we multiply \(\text{RAM}_\text{embedded}^\text{criteria}\) by the number of RAM bank given in units._

Usage impact

Both power consumption and consumption profile are implemented.

Consumption profile

The RAM consumption profile is of the form : consumption_profile(workload) = a * capacity

As a first approximation, we use a uniform consumption profile since the stress test data used show a rather uniform consumption. Consequently, the workload won't be used.


New stress test data specifically on RAM calls should be conducted to specify this consumption profile.

Determining the parameters

To determine a we averaged the electrical consumption of RAM per GB. With the process we came up with a=0.284

Capacity is either given by the user or the default value is used.

consumption_profile(workload) = 0.284 * capacity